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Thank you for visiting this placeholder homepage for the Roane County Solid Waste Authority and Roane County Recycling Center, located in Spencer, West Virginia.

Roane County Recycling Center

Our Center is open Thursdays and Fridays, 9am to 4pm.  Located at 318 Oak Drive, Spencer, WV.  From town, its about 1.5 miles up WV-14 (first right after Hospital Drive), about 0.8 miles down to the end of Oak Drive (past Harris Oil).

Recyclable materials accepted include cardboard, plastic, glass, steel & bi-metal cans, aluminum cans, glass, paper, shredded paper, books, and electronics. Reuse materials accepted include most types of still-useful stuff which would be a waste to throw away, including stuff needing minor repairs - but no clothing, food, or toxic materials.  Serviceable computers, printers, electrics, tools, equipment, and similarly useful items will be refurbished then returned to use in the local community.

All materials must be reasonably clean, and in particular won't stink after a couple days of summer heat.  If you bring in recyclable or reuse material you are welcome to take something from the reuse shelves & book bins.

If you have questions or comments please email info@roanerecycling.com.


Solid Waste Authority Monthly Meetings

Solid Waste Authority meetings are open to the public and held on the second Monday of each month at 2:00pm at the Roane County Recycling Center.  Send correspondence to PO Box 713, Spencer, WV, 25276.  Agendas will be posted at the Center, and a few places around town, roughly a week before each meeting.


Website Outline

  • Joomla CMS, basic portal layout.
  • Custom Joomla template.
  • Joomla extensions for an interactive map, Facebook feed widget, and more as needed.
  • Content sections including Recycling, Reuse, E-Waste, Composting, Litter, Volunteers, About, and more as needed.
  • Will use available text from public education materials (copyright permitting).
  • Inspiration from other Recycling Center websites, including Berkeley County, WV.

For feedback on this website, please email support@roanerecycling.com