Overview and Analysis of RCC Hostile Takeover

Overview of RCC Hostile Takeover

The Roane County Commission (RCC) is attempting to force an unwanted change in leadership of the Roane County Solid Waste Authority (RCSWA), "to move the Authority in a different direction" (Corkrean 6/13/20).

RCC Commissioner Andrew Corkrean claims he will be the next RCSWA Chair.  His actions indicate no interest in or understanding of recycling operations, nor the Chair's day to day general management role, nor the ongoing sustainability work which must be completed to avoid a future financial crisis, nor any alternative plan to achieve financial sustainability.  In short, it appears they do not intend to continue recycling operations.  This hostile takeover appears to be either a negligent power grab by Andrew Corkrean, or a RCC attempt to pillage RCSWA resources for RCC use.  The expected outcome of this hostile takeover is recycling operations will end, practically (e.g. 1 day a month) or actually (e.g. recycling center closes).  This end will either follow a rolling operations & financial disaster, or deliberately making operations unsustainable to force an end to recycling after the REAP RA 2020 grant ends on 2/28/21, or sooner end to recycling following loss of grant funding.

To help stop this, please contact RCC to demand Andrew Corkrean and Jennifer Randolph resign from RCSWA, and that recycling be left alone.

WIP Note: This article is a work in progress, first to refactor an earlier email with lengthy analysis into general article text, and then adding a lot of reference information to help the general public understand the issues here. Please check back Saturday, 6/27, for progress.  Until then please see the original email here, rcswa-email-re-rcc-plans-analysis.pdf.  That email also references an earlier email here, rcswa-email-andrew-corkrean-notice-chris-dalzells-seat-not-renewed.pdf.

Background Note:  The severe distrust of RCC here stems from their ruining a broadband project for county-wide gigabit fiber and wifi mesh.  That was a petty negligent power grab by fools with no understanding of broadband, in RCC and RC EDA, and a traitor in the original RCDEC broadband workgroup.  They cost Roane residents and businesses a very good chance at excellent rural broadband service, enormous economic development potential, and more secondary benefits than can be counted.  Roane is suffering and slowly fizzling out because of people that do things like this, the public should be outraged, should at least complain about it or vote them out of office, but instead they gradually leave Roane County.  Ultimately Roane will be reduced to a pack of fools jostling for petty scraps of authority over an indifferent complacent population with no future (maybe it already is).  To avoid this, people need to pay attention, act like they give a shit, kick the fools out of office, and make an effort to build a sustainable future.