RCC Hostile Takeover of RCSWA

Welcome to the new Roane County Solid Waste Authority Watchdog website, built with Joomla (old site used Get Simple).  This website was previously the official RCSWA homepage, until last June when the Roane County Commission staged a hostile takeover so they can financially destroy RCSWA, close the recycling center, and pillage resources, but the Chairman they removed happened to personally own this domain and web hosting (oops).  The information here is accurate, from recycling center hours & accepted materials, to extensive details about the gross negligence of the new Board leadership, and planning on how to recover from the mess these fools created.

Please VOTE Merlin Shamblin out of office, our County Commission President's reign of incompetence needs to end.  Please demand Andrew Corkrean resign from the County Commission.  Please demand the entire RCSWA Board resign for gross negligence and betraying the public interest.

This website is a work in progress.  Please send feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In August the Board held a Special Meeting on 8/3 and a Regular Meeting on 8/10, here are my notes and analysis, as a witness.  First I need to say this is where I lost hope of recycling in Roane surviving the gross negligence of this Board, I mean either they are blatantly lying about continuing recycling or these people are a special kind of stupid.  Actions speak louder than words and corrupt officials lying to the public is a common daily occurrence, so follow what they do, follow the money, and only believe what they say when its supported by evidence.  This month they decided to end ALL efforts to increase revenue and dispose of all inventory assets related to revenue projects, while not even acknowledging the $2,000 per quarter operating loss without RA funds, thereby guaranteeing a financial crisis after the REAP RA 2020 grant term ends on 2/28/21.

Notes on July 13, 2020 Regular Meeting

Here are some notes and comments on today's Board meeting.  Some of this is blunt to the point of being rude, which is a liberating change from having to continually gently correct stubbornly held uninformed opinions.

Damage Summary:  Loss of glass collection with potential revenue, waste of glass inventory potential revenue, loss of litter program, waste of $3,500 potential grant, waste of 2008 GMC Savana small box truck, waste of book sales potential revenue.  Negligence continues unchecked.  RCC fails to pay for vehicle maintenance budgetary damage.

The following email was received from Wes Treadway on 7-31-20 in response to my letter to the editor published in the Roane Reporter that week.

I have been recycling for a number of years starting when I lived in Maryland. I was happy to find out that there was a recycling center here in Roane County when I moved here some 6 years ago. It has come a long way since then. The facility is a lot better than the small building it was in. The two employees are always pleasant and helpful.

Last Thursday I took my recycling there and was told that they weren’t taking glass anymore. I was upset. They can take in an old dentist chair and have it sit for months but not glass. Which is easier to get rid of? It takes me anywhere from a week to a couple of months to have enough glass to recycle. The use of glass in packaging is relatively small in today’s manufacturing.